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Australia is one of the most sought after study destinations in the world. The Educational Programs being offered by Australian Universities are highly “employable programs”

  • New, modern universities with excellent infrastructure.

  • Opportunity to obtain work experience along with the course.

  • Possibility of getting a good job after studies and granted PR & citizenship.

  • Safe and beautiful country with stunning beaches and national parks, world-class entertainment venues and shopping centers.

United States of America

United States of America ( USA ) has always the first choice of the Indian students. With its world famous universities and top class, modern teaching infrastructure USA offers the most sought after educational, career oriented programs.

  • Undoubtedly, USA is the world’s super power and largest economy

  • American universities offer many scholarships to meritorious.

  • Flexible education system : You may choose what you want to study from a wide range of specialized courses.

  • There is always a possibility of extending your visa to gain the relevant work experience

New Zealand

During the past few decades, New Zealand has emerged to be the the fastest growing study destination. It offers lots of industry focused, job oriented programs.

  • Graduates can apply for post graduate studies ( up to 3 years duration ).

  • It is a popular destination to study hospitality and tourism management courses.

  • t is possible to do paid internship along with studies. The paid internship is available mainly for hospitality and tourism management courses.

  • New Zealand is a multi - cultural , beautiful country with very friendly natives.


For a Hot career, the coolest place Canada really offers competitive and affordable Educational Programs. Every year, thousands of Indian students go to Canada for higher studies and make their career.

  • Canada is an affordable study destination and a sizeable Indian community live there.

  • After graduation, one can avail the opportunity of staying back in the country for up to 3 years.

  • One can also apply for permanent residency (PR) after graduation.


Undoubtedly, Singapore is the fastest growing Asian destination for Higher Education. You will love Singapore for its high standard and very much affordable education . With hardly 4 to 5 hours by flight, Singapore is one of the closest foreign education destination for Indian students.

  • Thousands of MNC offices in Singapore makes it a major business hub in Asia and also a perfect destination for graduates to easily find work

  • A large number of Indians are happily living in Singapore, since ages.

  • Most of the courses, especially Tourism & Hospitality Management programs, are offered with the paid internship.

  • After studying in Singapore for one semester, it is possible to get transfer to British and Australian universities

  • Tuition fee in Singapore is very reasonable which makes it a very popular destination among the Indian students.

  • Singapore is a major business hub in Asia and has a thriving start-up culture.

United Kingdom

It is well said that a UK degree will put you ahead of the rest. United Kingdom is the gateway to Europe. The most prominent MNCs have a presence here making it a major economic, scientific and cultural hub.

  • The presence of a number of world class universities and relatively low tuition fees makes UK a good option to pursue studies and fulfill ones career dreams.

  • Opportunity to complete a one year, paid placement along with studies.

  • Scholarships and tuition fee discounts are available.


  • France is truly the fashion and arts capital of the world.

  • It is an innovative country and it also boasts of the presence of a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Students can avail the opportunity of doing internship along with studies
  • One can stay back in the country for up to 2 years after studies.

  • Also, alumni are eligible for a 5 year tourist visa.


  • Almost all Post Graduate programs are taught in English.

  • Most of the universities don’t charge tuition fees for certain educational programs.

  • It is the world renowned automobile design and manufacturing center.

  • Possibility of doing an internship along with studies.

  • After graduation , one may avail the option to stay back in the country up to 18 months.


  • It is home to many well known companies like Dell, Facebook and Google.

  • English is the main language.

  • Graduates can stay back up to 2 years after completing their studies.

  • It is one of the most safe countries for foreign students in the world and offers reasonably low fees educational programs as compared to Australia and USA.


  • English is widely spoken in Netherland though Dutch is its official language. Almost all programs are taught in English.

  • Netherlands is a beautiful country and is visited by millions of tourists and business persons every year.

  • Graduate candidates are entitled to one year post study visa. This can be extended further on the grounds of paid employment and could help in obtaining a permanent resident status.


Switzerland is renowned for Tourism and Hospitality Management courses. Not to mention, it is the world’s top tourist destination. It is a multilingual country that speaks English, German, French and Italian.
Switzerland offers opportunity to complete paid internship along with studies.
Graduates can obtain 6 months Post Study Work Visa.


Poland is a developed market and regional power. It has the eighth largest and one of the most dynamic economies in the European Union It has achieved a very high rank on the Human Development Index. Additionally, the Polish Stock Exchange in Warsaw is the largest and most important in Central Europe.

  • Poland is a developed and democratic country, which maintains a high-income economy along with very high standards of living, life quality,safety, education and economic freedom.
  • Poland has a developed school educational system. The country provides free university education, state-funded social security and a universal health care system for all citizens.
  • Poland has 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 14 of which are cultural.
  • Poland is a member state of the European Union.

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